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Credit Reports

VIVID Information Service provides high quality business profiles and credit reports on companies throughout the globe composed by its worldwide network of credit experts. Many credit agencies claim to sell current information. We do it! Instead of selling information already available in databases, we conduct a fresh investigation at the time of your order. Because we are able to focus on your specific concerns, you receive the most current information available to assist you in making the best decision.

There are no up-front subscription fees. We are strictly a pay-as-you-go service.

Amongst our clients:
  • International Banks
  • Trade Associations
  • Finance Organizations
  • Export Credit Insurances
  • Collection Agencies
Credit Reports

Vivid's credit reports include:

General Information

Registration details, Name, address, phone / fax numbers.

Business Background

Information on shareholders, directors and key managers, scope of business, location and size of premises, number of employees, investment & sales figures or balance sheets and statements of accounts (when available), bankers, subsidiaries and affiliated companies.

Business Activities

Development of business operations, market situation, etc.

Legal Filings

Information about litigation, commercial bankruptcy, tax lien and judgments pertaining to the company.

Payment Behavior

Information about the company’s credit relationships with creditors and suppliers.

Quality Service

Reliable, accurate and up-to-date information on your trading partners is necessary to answer your most crucial questions.

The reports of VIVID Information Service provide a solid basis for determining whether or not to enter into a business relationship, and how best to go about it.

Imagine your business operations as a hot air balloon attempting to fly around the globe. There are numerous unexpected hazards: You might fly over a volcano that suddenly irrupts, or you might find yourself stuck in the midst of the Sahara desert with no sign of wind, or if you are really unlucky, you might sink down to the sea just to find a shark awaiting to puncture your rescue boat.

Information could minimize your risks and indicate where unexpected factors are about to irrupt, where stagnation shows no sign of prosperity and where other players in the market may cause you damage.