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VIVID Management Systems

VIVID’s suite of services is well balanced to enable you
to perform more confidently in the business arena.

Risk and uncertainty are an integral part of business decision making. VIVID provides a suite of business information and related services that minimize risk. Services include credit reporting, information gathering, risk assessment, market research, market analysis and market penetration & organizational techniques.

Our worldwide debt collection and credit management services further enable minimizing risks in the ongoing business activity.

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VIVID covers all aspects of decision-making and related services:

Information Gathering

VIVID is a leading provider of information solutions required for sound decision making. The unique combination of resources includes databases, industry – focused applications and knowledgeable experts.

Research & investigations

Our worldwide sources and carefully selected suppliers are spread across five continents. In order to address specific needs VIVID offers a full range of decision-making tools.

Credit Reports

VIVID Information Service provides high quality business profiles and credit reports on companies throughout the globe composed by its worldwide network of credit experts.

Debt Collection

VIVID provides quality debt collection services throughout the globe with an extensive worldwide network of representatives and agents.